Virtual Try-On for eCommerce growth

Our Try-On technology is a sustainable base to build e-commerce future with Gen-Z and Millenials

  • 400%
    Engagement growth (Time, Clicks and Pages during session)
  • 25%
    Average Order Value growth
  • One Click
    Developer friendly integration
  • Seamless integration to Customer Journey
    No friction and struggling from customers. Only positive emotions during shopping.

Virtual Fitting Rooms market is booming (>20% CAGR). It will reach $10B by 2027.

But its quite difficult to integrate most virtual fitting rooms both to Business Processes and Customer Journey. We decided to change the game 😎

Our 🔥 team

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
  • Photo 2021 04 21 22.19.32
    Daniil Andreev
    Founder & CEO
    • Daniil is building strategy and product
    • Founded E-Com agency and became Shopify partner
    • Ex-PwC, Genoscoper
  • Photo 2021 04 21 18.28.29
    Lucy Airapetyan
    • Lucy is a ML and CV expert
    • She loves building deep learning models
    • MSc SkolTech, BSc MSU
  • Photo 2021 04 21 18.28.25
    Denis Volkhonskiy
    Lead Researcher
    • Denis is a top-notch researcher with high citation level in Computer Vision field
    • PhD at SkolTech
    • Yandex SDA, Huawei
  • Photo 2021 04 21 18.28.22
    Andrey Ragimov
    Tech Consultant
    • Industrial Computer Vision Expert
    • ORI Team, CEO

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