Sustainability in Fashion

published on 09 April 2022

With so many problems going on these days - climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of coral reefs and biodiversity, water scarcity and, unfortunately, even the fashion industry.😔
Let's learn why Sustainable Fashion matters 


1. Sustainable fashion saves natural resources. 

The fashion and textile industries use vast amounts of natural resources - water, oil and land throughout their entire lifecycle, from production of fibers, manufacturing, distribution, consumer use (imagine all that washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning) to the clothes' end-of-life at disposal.With implementation of sustainability concepts fashion can save huge amounts of resources.


2. Sustainable fashion reduces carbon footprint 

McKinsey & Co for Vogue Business
McKinsey & Co for Vogue Business

While Fashion contributes with 10% of global CO2 emission, Sustainable fashion fighting the emissions with new material production technologies.

3. Sustainable fashion saves animal lives

Clothes made from leather or fur kill up to 430 million animals each year (Diversity Social). 

Sustainable fashion uses alternative materials such as old seatbelts, plastics, or even trash from the ocean, to produce similar quality of materials

4. Sustainable fashion requires less water

The clothing industry is dirty and a significant contributor to environmental and human damage. But sustainable fashion addresses many of these issues 🌱 

At EasyTry we build a sustainable eCommerce  and fashion with more conscious consumption as well as more efficient eCommerce operations for brands. 

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