What is Virtual Fitting?

updated on 17 February 2022
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Virtual fitting is a process of trying clothes virtually and there are several types of virtual fitting. describe each approach to virtual fitting (there are a few).

The global Virtual Fitting Room Market is projected to reach USD 10.00 billion by 2027. The global Virtual Fitting Room Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.1% in the 2020 – 2027 period. 

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Table of contents:

  1. What is virtual fitting?
  2. Virtual try-on
  3.  3D virtual fitting
  4.  Virtual size fitting

What is virtual fitting?

A virtual fitting is a process that allows online store visitors to try clothes virtually. It could work overlaying a garment on a photo, live video feed, or generated a 3D model. Some virtual fitting rooms help to visualize shopping while some are focused on size prediction.

An interesting fact is that COVID-19 played a big role in virtual fitting usage. Most shoppers switched online but the desire for a shopping experience has not disappeared.

Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-on is enabling the shopper to see himself/herself in a particular product instantly and decide whether the product is dope or nope. 

For example, we are at EasyTry make virtual try-on for this reason and it helps our clients to improve customer engagement and average order value.

Try-On is a great way for brands to improve the shopping experience, personalize shopping and create engagement through online visualization. Try-on can work with just one photo which makes it accessible for all groups of shoppers and the mass market.

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3D Virtual Fitting

This approach generates a 3D model of the person and applies the 3d model of the garment as a second layer. It’s a more complicated process than Try-On because it takes time for rendering 3D models both for customers and the garment. 

image from Aymen Mir, et al.
image from Aymen Mir, et al.

Virtual Size Fitting

Virtual size fitting is a service for calculating and predicting accurate sizes that will fit shoppers. It takes necessary data from the customer such as height, weight, waist, type of figure, and sizes in other brands. 

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