Virtual Try-On Shopify App Beta

published on 02 March 2022
Shopify App Beta
Shopify App Beta

Shopify Virtual Try-On App

Shopify is one of the largest platform for eCommerce. There are more than 3 million Shopify stores around the world. We know how many cool fashion brands there and we were developing the Shopify App to bring native experience and seamless integration.

Today we can announce that we have launched a Beta test of our Shopify App! 🔥 It's in beta test and it means that if you have a Shopify store you can try it for free and give your feedback ✌️

Why to integrate virtual try-on?

EasyTry proved to make your ecommerce upside:

🔺 Engagement (Bounce Rate, Average Time, Session depth) up to 500%

🔺 Average Order Value - up to 30%

🔺 Customer LTV - up to 20%What's new in Shopify App?

We have developed a customizable interface and admin panel with dashboard to control the virtual try-on.

Our virtual try-on Shopify App is bringing virtual try-on to any store with no-code setup and easy onboarding both for ecommerce business integration and user journey.


Sign up for Beta test

If you are interested to give it a try, we have opened a form for Beta testers! 
Sing-up today ->

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