What is Virtual Try-On?

published on 19 March 2022

Virtual try-on for fashion online stores

Recently, an increasing percentage of purchases are made in online stores, more and more people face the experience of virtual shopping. But despite their growing popularity, they lack personalization, leaving customers unhappy. Also, physical stores remain preferred by buyers, as they have their main advantage - the ability to try on clothes before buying.

But fashion online stores are looking to offer holistic user-generated content across their digital channels as well. Therefore, more and more often you can find such a digital opportunity as a virtual try-on, which allows you to find out in just a few seconds how any product will look on the buyer, and also add personalization to your brand.


What is a virtual try-on?

Virtual try-on technology allows customers to try on clothes for size, fit, and style without having to physically put them on.  When a camera device captures a customer, the basic augmented reality technology displays a realistic virtual representation of the product on top of the image to show how the product would look on the customer's body.

It means that you can see how these items look on you or your avatar, allowing you to know if something fits without having to physically put it on. Therefore, virtual fitting technology can allow you to try on clothes without having to ship them or even leave your home.

Virtual try-on combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, recommendation algorithms, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) to provide an immersive user experience.

By 2027, the augmented reality industry will reach $10 billion, up from $3.5 billion in 2017. Combined with special technology that scans the body, AR try on technology will enable a breakthrough that will revolutionize the fashion store.

How does virtual try-on work?

Customers can try-on items online at home using virtual fitting technology and a camera gadget. The underlying augmented reality technology superimposes a realistic virtual version of the product on top of their real image to demonstrate how the object would look on the buyer's body.

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A device with a camera captures the consumer, detects more than 99 points on the human body, which allows the virtual try-on app to monitor the change in body position in real-time.

This ensures that the desired product stays in place even when the user moves their head – as if looking into a mirror. The user only needs to turn on the camera - everything else is automated.

Watch our demo of EasyTry Virtual Try-On

Benefits of a virtual fitting

Decrease in returns

A significant percentage of online shoppers admit to buying multiple versions of the same item to get the right fit, and subsequently returning the wrong items, which are costly to online retailers.

Thanks to the fact that the buyer will be able to use a virtual fitting, he will know how this or that product fits on his body, whether the color of the product suits the buyer, and what size fits him best, which will help reduce costly returns.

Improved personalization

Unsurprisingly, consumers will not only be able to resolve issues related to size, fit, and appearance, but will also be able to explore options, make adjustments and try on a wider selection of products in less time, resulting in higher conversions and higher costs.

Firms can provide more personalization options with virtual try-on, which directly impacts sales and profitability. Customers can use AR to view multiple personalization options to create products that reflect their personality and talent.

Customers who want to buy personalized and individual goods are willing to pay extra for it. Hence, virtual try-on technology allows companies to increase their revenue.

Also, the virtual try on should be personalized for each brand. It should present products as realistically as possible and be easy to use. At EasyTry, we tailor each virtual try-on to the specific goals and needs of each client. This will help personalize your brand and make virtual fitting more convenient and authentic for shoppers.

In addition to being a useful virtual shopping tool for your customers, virtual tryon can also be a valuable source of information. For example, you can keep track of the best-selling products and adjust your assortment to the needs of the buyer.

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Contactless fitting

After the outbreak of the COVID-19, most people do not want to try on products that other people have already worn before. After the end of the epidemic, a significant percentage of shoppers will not want to return to the old behavior in the clothing store, due to safety and ethical concerns.

Therefore, virtual clothing try on is the only way to help protect people from things that someone has already tried on before them. Thanks to a secure virtual fitting, the number of your clients will increase.

Relationship building

The smooth, robust, user-friendly interface of the try on app will help brands forge closer connections with their customers – 70% of customers are expected to show more interest in brands that use AR in their purchases. Since customers will be able to share their photos in virtual try on apps or the site with friends, family, and social media, virtual try on software can also help build brand awareness and attract new customers.

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